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Titan Power Solutions (TPS) is an innovative engineering company specializing in the design, development, and production of ultracapacitor based systems and solutions for a variety of industries and applications

TPS’s Engine Start Systems

According to the statistics, incapability of standard battery packs to supply the required power is most frequent cause for failure of vehicles to start. The reasons may vary. The battery may get frozen, it may get discharged after work of the pre-start heater and vehicle-borne equipment, or it may simply get worn out; but the result is always the same – the vehicle cannot be started. This results in loss of time and money, getting late, delays in delivery of people and freight. The cost of special and emergency services vehicle start failure in Northern regions may be human lives.

TPS’s Engine Start Systems ensure engine start on any vehicles, any time, in any conditions and for many years.


TPS’s engine start systems are bench installed and ensure reliable starting of any type of engines without limitations on volume and capacity, used on transport means and equipment:
Cars and off-road cars;
Special transport and emergency service transport (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Services, DPC, Ambulances, bank transport, etc.);
All terrain vehicles;
Commercial and passenger transport;
Municipal services transport;
Diesel shunters;
Standby power stations;
Construction and logging equipment;
Snow-mobiles, quadricycles;
Motor-boats and launches.

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