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The average market growth rate of ultracapacitor in past 10 years is 25% and most analysts predict growth rate of the market for next 10 years at greater than 30% year over year. Primary area of growth will be in mass customization of power modules and systems for automotive applications, such as micro/mild hybrid vehicle and boardnet stabilization, and green technology applications, such as windmill blade pitch control and smart utility meters. TPS’s robust ultracapacitors are ideal solutions for these applications.
TPS’s major markets are in the consumer, industrial and automotive areas. Each of these markets has its own unique requirements and characteristics that must be satisfied. Applications in these markets are listed below.

 Toy AMR X-by-Wire Solar tile/lighting
 Portable Electronics Robotic Systems Engine Start Medical
 Solid-State Drive (SSD) Windmill Pitch Control System Fuel-cell Vehicles Military
 Wireless Audio Welding Machine Micro/Mild & Full Hybrid Vehicles Others and more
 Car Audio Crane Heavy Duty Vehicles 
 Industrial DVR Transit Bus 
  Hybrid Forklift Others 
  Hybrid Excavator  
  Trains, Trams, Subways  


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